Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PX100 Headphone Repair

So my pair of PX100's finally broke.  I've had them for a couple years, and now that finding a good replacement is getting difficult I decided to just repair the cord.  This looked to be an easy task, but as with any piece of manufactured electronics, there's always something sticky in the way.

In my case, that something sticky was a whole ton of glue holding the front and back of the each ear piece together.  There were what looked to be 4 blobs when in reality the entire ring was glued down.  This meant that to disassemble the headphone I had to break the plastic ring in order to cut away the glue at the inside.  Not pretty, but I eventually had the two halves separated.

Rewiring had its own issues.  The original wire was held in place by a plastic stop.  However, this stop was molded directly over the wire, and more importantly over a knot in the wire.  This stop however is molded to fit the headphones and so I wanted to keep it intact when I actually removed the wire.  I ended up actually drilling the wire out and then prying the remaining bits (including the knot) out with a screwdriver, which left me with a clean stop to thread the cord though.

After the wire was heatshrunk in place, it was a relatively simple matter of soldering it to the speaker and reassembling everything.

In the end the repaired wire was shorter than the original, but this isn't such a big issue

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